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Pro Bow Testimonials


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  • Valerie D Bailey
    Easy peasy and absolutely fabulous. never fail bows!!!
    Writing from Malta... a long distance from USA, however, delivery was very efficient and the pro bow the hand is excellent... highly recommended!
    With Tahnks
  • Kimberly Ballard
    I started making wreaths in October and purchased a different bow maker. It was a pain in the butt - pegs falling out in the middle of a bow to the board sliding all over the place, ribbon getting twisted - just awful. I wish I had come across the Pro Bow first! I just watched the tutorial and did a practice bow - absolutely easy and everything is convenient on the board! Thank you!!!
  • David Folk
    I love this bow maker. My first bow turned out great if I have to say so myself
  • Sarah Boyd
    This is first bow I have ever made,and thanks to pro bow I am very proud of it.
  • Cindy Chapman
    My crafty friend talked me into buying the Pro Bow. It sat in my closet for a year and I kept looking at the box knowing I couldn't do it because I'm not very crafty. The wonderful year of 2020 comes along and I'm basically in lockdown. I got out my Pro Bow and gave it a try. Wow!!! I was so impressed with myself. I now have a room full of beautiful bows that were fun and easy to make. Thank you so much Regina for inventing this product. It's a miracle and I love it.
  • Renea Cummings
    My husband got me the Probow maker lastyear because my hands were hurting me so bad from making bows. I watched the videos and within few minutes was making bows! I get sooo many compliments on all the bows I make. She does fantastic teaching videos and my hands are very thankful. Thank you so very much.
  • Kristen Robertson
    I have been using this bow maker for several years now. I love it and could not make these bows without it! My hands are in too much pain from arthritis/carpal tunnel. I use the bow box as well and the extra ribbon holder. They're all must-haves if you plan to make a lot. It's definitely paid for itself!
  • Jennifer Beatie
    I just have to brag on the customer service of this company! I ordered, but then had to amend my order with a special request. They got right back to me, made the adjustment, and I had my product in no time. Customer service from a family company makes all the difference. Thanks, Pro Bow, for caring about your customers!!
  • Dona Davis
    I absolutely love my bow maker. It just takes my projects over the top. Well worth every penny
  • Nichole Winston
    I was so excited to get my new bowmaker and ribbon spool holder. I talked to the owner and she is such a sweetheart!! I fell in love with my bowmaker it is awesome!!! I think anyone would fine this 4 in 1 bow maker a very helpful tool.
  • Kitty Fournier
    Hello! Although I hesitated initially to order the Pro Bow The Hand, I am beyond thrilled with this product! And...because I'm in Canada, the shipping charge for the fluff box & extra spool holder was very expensive, but - I ordered it anyway. I received the fluff box yesterday & even though I had been using a DIY cutting board to fluff my bows, the fluff box is worth every penny, even considering shipping charges. If I could do a commercial recommending these products to anyone interested in making gorgeous bows, I would. I couldn't be happier or more satisfied with Pro Bow The Hand products. Thank you!!!!!
  • carol D sanders
    I am enjoying all that I have purchased. It a joy to work with. I thank you, for helping me to make a great bow every time.
  • Kathy Brock
    My arthritic hands thank you a million times over! I thought my crafting days were over but your invention has renewed my crafting days.
  • Nancee
    This is my second one. This glitter gold ribbon was easier than last one. Getting the hang of it. Love the Probow.
  • mandy curry
    Before getting my prow bow i couldn't make a bow for nothing. since using it my wreaths had tripled in price, just because of the bows and quality of ribbons. you can not go wrong with this seller. A+++++++
  • Jimmie Beth Schnoor
    I love the Pro Bow! At 75 my hands aren’t as strong nor flexible as they used to be. The Pro Bow makes it so much easier. I wish I had a reason to make more bows. And thank you for your tutorials and beautiful ideas!
  • Lori Colon
    My first bow. I just love my Pro Bow The Hand. I have never tried to make a bow before. It was very easy. The how to videos are very informative.
  • Rebecca Rutheford
    I received my pro bow 3 days ago. I absolutely love it!!!! I have never been able to make a bow and now I can!!!! Best thing I have ever purchased. Thanks!!!!
  • Judy Callender
    I love my Pro Bow and Fluff box. I decorated two of my Christmas trees with bow toppers, made swags for the stairway, and had so many compliments on the bows. Thank you for such a brilliant invention!
  • Brenda Mowdy
    I have been trying my hand at some of the mesh wreaths and doing quite well all except for the bows....My husband got me the ProBow for Christmas and I have used up every bit of the ribbon I can find,lol practicing. The first couple came out good and then a couple came out a little lopsided but I am determined to become a ProBow maker. Thanks Regina for such a wonderful idea !
  • Marcia Sanders`
    Received a Pro Bow The Hand for my Birthday..Made my first bow without watching video and it was ok..Then watched the video. Second bow was perfect, Love it.
  • Linda Grundman
    I'm in a ProBow frenzie, LOVE it
  • Dean and Diana Richardson
    Hi Regina I am 62 years old I had a stroke and idea with parkinson's if I can make the bows anyone can it's challenging for me especially with the wire by I love what it does for me, feeling blessed,
    Thank you for the Pro Bow invention,
    God bless you!!!
    Diana and Dean
  • Teresa Bjerkeset
    I have had my pro bow the hand for almost 2 months and I absolutely love it. Making bows is so easy now and they look so much better than what I was doing free hand.
  • Rebecca Wetherington
    I had my probow for months before I got brave enough to really use it. I had tried every video online and even had people try to show me how to tie a bow by hand but nothing ever worked. I have arthritis and carpel tunnel in my wrists and cant hold the ribbons to tie by hand and other bow makers that I purchased left me confused and frustrated. When I finally tried the ProBow for the first time my bow didn't turn out how I wanted it to. I messaged Regina and she looked at pictures for me and talked me through making my bow. Now I couldn't live without it. Just make sure you either buy a fluff box or make one of your own because it does make a difference in your final product......
  • Roberta Kulka
    I love this bow maker. Seen it being used in a project and loved how the now looked. I just used it after watching some demonstrations. It's so easy to use and great that I don't have to hurt my hands anymore
  • Linda Harris
    I received my pro bowl yesterday, watched video once and made this bow without any problems. Well, I didn't have wired ribbon for solid colors. That would've made a fuller bow. Not too bad for 1st one
  • Jo-Andrea Duckett
    I LOVE my Pro Bow! My step son bought it for me on Amazon and it is everything I hoped for. If you don't have one you should get one!!!!!!!!
  • Janet Johnson
    I just ordered mine and can't wait to get started on the beautiful bows..I have bought my own Christmas gift. I'm so excited about this
  • Carol Levack -Nickell
    Amazon delivered my Pro Bow last evening. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE....I have made one and I am hooked. Thank You Regina Sellers.. from Your Ms neighbor
  • Patricia Van Lierop
    Ive done florist work for 45 years. luv this tool! a game changer!
  • Kemberly Roden
    Just got my Bow Pro today ,love it!!
  • Della toups
    Omg I got my probow where has this been all my life I gave known the inventor almost all my life and don't know why I never purchased no more cramps in my hands and sooo easy to use I'm in love
  • Lezlie
    I have diabetic neuropathy in my hands and absolutely cannot hold ribbon to make a decent bow! Not that I could hold ribbon to make a bow before I developed neuropathy was any better.....I have started making fabric, fold & stitch wreaths. I add a detachable bow since the wreaths can be hung or can also be used flat on a table as a centerpiece around a candy bowl, candles, a vase of flowers or a potted plant. Anyone's own imagination is the only limit to these wreaths. I have searched for something to help me make the bows (other than the hair bow type bow a friend showed me) and was delighted to find the Pro Bow The Hand! I ordered the Large Hand and immediately started playing with it and practicing. My bows aren't perfect yet, but with some more time and practice, I'm sure my perfectionist personality trait will be satisfied. I came across a couple of questions needing advice and submitted a question. I was very pleasantly surprised by a phone call from Regina to talk through my problems with me rather than just an e-mail or text message reply. In speaking with Regina, I feel like I was talking to a friend I had known for years. I so appreciate the personal attention and care she showed by calling. I think she was able to give me some ideas that I look forward to trying as soon as I can get to the store and get some more ribbon! Thank you so much Regina. You are a gem! Will post some pictures soon!
  • Rita Griffin
    I am 61 yrs old, a retired designer of 7 yrs. I had developed arthuritis in my hands, making it almost impossible to make large bows. I heard about the ProBow, but could not find it in our local Hobby Lobby. (the manager and I are on first name basis. Scary). Finally after hubby's relcaion, I decided to unpack the supplies. Oh my goodness, I am still shocked at how much the movers packed. 100's of ribbon, picks, greenery ect. Lots of peg board going up. Thanks to ProBow, I have found my of designing again. Thank you Regina Sellers.
  • Gloria Finnell
    Oh my goodness Probow The Hand is fantastic. My wreaths sales have increased since investing I this product. I also have carpal tunnel and this maker takes so much pressure off my hands and wrists. I highly recommend this to beginners and professionals. You won't be sorry. It's All About the Bow Baby.
  • Leah McIntosh
    I ordered my probow and had it almost a year and was so intimidated by it that I just put it away. One night I was determined to learn how to make beautiful bows so I started messing with it. I have gotten such great advice and support from Regina and my bows are looking spectacular. Regina I thank you and my hands thank you too. Making a bow.............like a pro
  • Brenda Walker
    I got this as a Christmas gift and made my first bow today for work! I LOVE it.. .everyone at work was amazed at the detail of the deluxe one... ordering the box next! Thank you!
    I fell in love with the Pro Bow The Hand the first time I saw the video on YouTube. I ordered both, the large hand and the small hand. It's taken me awhile to get the hang of it, but I absolutely love it! I fnally worked up enough courage to post a picture of this bow that I made with the small hand. Thank you Mrs. Sellers!!
  • Lisa Husher
    I went online to look for bow makers and came across The Hand. After looking at video tutorials and reading other comments I was more interested. However, before I made a purchase I had a question to ask. I submitted my question and within a few hours Regina responded with a question back, the next morning Regina herself called me to further answer my question. I was amazed at the level of customer service and personal service Ms. Sellers has. I ordered mine the very next morning. I will recommend her to anyone and everyone. We need more business owners like this!
  • Leslie
    I talked to Regina this morning......we really didn't discuss the "how to make a bow", but more just talked as if we were old friends. I drank my sweet tea, while she drove down the roads of Louisiana. After our call, I decided I would try again...this time was much better...after we talk again, I will be making bows like a pro. I have quickly fallen in love with my new bestest friend...PROBOW. Thank you again Regina for your southern hospitality :)
  • Debbie Montgomery
    I have made bows for many years, but hitting 60 this year I find my fingers get very sore holding the ribbons. I was searching tutorials online one day for a simple way to get the bows I wanted without pain and came across Pro Bow The Hand and the tutorial for it. I put it on my birthday wish list! I am amazed at the ease of use and the gorgeous bows I get every time. Thank you for this wonderful product!
  • Sheila Brown
    I found The Hand while searching the internet for a tree top bow. When I found a You Tube video of Mrs. Sellers demonstrating the creation of the perfect bow! I called her immediately and went on to order my very own The Hand. II began to use it immediately and have made some of the most beautiful bows ever! Mrs. Sellers had now spoken to me three times by phone and is more gracious each time we chat! I LOVE my Pro Bow the Hand; it has become one of my most treasured possessions! Thank you for making a quality product that performs exactly as advertised EVERY time! I'm a fan for life!
  • Julia
    My husband bought this for me and I've compensated greatly from the purchase. It's amazing and I love it. The tutorials are easy to follow. I know this was a great purchase as I'm working on a wreath for my friend.
  • Maxine Blue
    I discovered Pro Bow the Hand one year ago. I had never made a bow ever before and had watched numerous videos on how to do bows. My main interest was to make bows for Christmas wreaths. I discovered Pro Bow the Hand and now can make professional looking bows for my Christmas Wreaths thanks to Pro Bow the Hand. This is my second year using the Pro Bow the Hand for Christmas Wreaths and am very excited.
  • Teresa
    Pro Bow the Hand is absolutely amazing. I never made a bow before in my life until I purchased Pro Bow the Hand and I can make a bow almost like a pro, a litle more practice and I wil be there. I attached a photo of the 2nd bow I've made by usind Pro Bow the Hand.
  • Kimberly Holloway
    Bought this to make a big yellow bow to tie around a tree for my son who is on his 2nd tour to Afghanistan. This tool was so easy & convenient to use. I had a question about using it & after receiving my email, she called me to answer it personally! That kind of customer service is rare these days! Thank you!
  • Elle Carpino
    This woman goes beyond to help out customers. Besides the extra help & understanding she is not beyond calling to help. This product gave back a big part of my life enabling me to help others
  • Karen from Huntsville Al
    Wonderful customer support. Dave and Regina put the customer first. FedEx damaged my ProBow, I sent pictures and received a new board the next day! I now love making bows because the results are awesome. I'm so glad they created ProBow The Hand.
  • Dianefrey
    Thisproduct. Looks great,mi cannot wait to try this.
  • Suzanne Saenz
    Bow making is so easy now, awesome product for the novice to the expert. No more throbbing fingers or losing your grip! Great customer service and fast shipping!
  • Suzanne Saenz
    No more frustration or painful fingers, Pro Bow is the answer for the amateur to the expert! Awesome product made in the USA....
  • Heather Cox
    I've had my bow maker for a couple of months now and LOVE it!! I had trouble before holding all of the ribbon together....my fingers just wouldn't last and my bow always came out lopsided. No more lopsided bows with the Pro Bow! It works great and is easy to use. Thanks so much!!!
  • Paula H. from Biloxi, MS
    Thanks to Regina and Dave for this excellent product. My Christmas present are beautiful and the bow making was enjoyable. This product was a great time saver.
  • Ann Z from Grand Rapids, MI
    I received my bow maker and am having so much fun with it. It's a snap to make professional looking bows now! Well worth the money that I spent...thanks so much from Michigan.
  • Mary L from Austin, TX
    I had given up on ever making bows again with my arthritis. I ordered a Pro Bow The Hand hoping that I could again make bows. I nearly cried when I was able to make a perfect bow with no pain in my fingers or hands. Thanks so much for this wonderful product.
  • Ginny A from Augusta, GA
    What a wonderful invention. How simple to use and what amazing results.
  • Michael W from San Francisco, CA
    The best customer service I have ever experienced. Fast Shipping!
  • Annie M from Quebec
    This is the most responsive company I have ever dealt with. My questions were answered within 1 minute. Wow, I am so used to never getting an answer from companies anymore. Thanks, you guys rock!
  • JHB from Paducah, KY
    I love my Pro Bow!! I HATE making bows but I love them on my tree. I dread doing this. I took a chance after seeing the video on You Tube. Wow, I got it in 2 days and looked at the video. I was making perfect bows after my first try. Even better, I move the pins around and get a different result. I'm so happy with my Pro Bow. I ordered more for Christmas gifts and they were at my door in 2 days. Thanks for the wonderful customer service.
  • Barbara J from Charlotte, NC
    I called Regina and found out they are making this product in Baton Rouge, LA. Hats off to someone trying support our country by keeping it made here. So easy to use. Happy Happy!
  • Donna G from Miami, FL
    This product is one of the best things I ever bought. What a battle I have always had trying to make and acceptable bow. Usually ended up on the floor as a mess. I can start a bow and walk away if needed without any problems. Pro Bow strives to make the customer happy. Fast Shipping >>>>>>>>. I am so happy I found them.
  • Heather C. from Raleigh, NC
    I got my large bow maker in the mail today. I went to making bows immediately! I LOVE IT! It's a great product. Thanks so much :)
  • Jeannie L from Las Vegas, NV
    I wish I would have found this product years ago. The videos on the website are fantastic. I can make any bow I choose to with ease and I don't waste ribbon. Super Fast Shipping!
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