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See the beautiful bows you can make

Pro Bow Demo


The Best Bow Maker!

New and Improved Pro Bow The Hand - So Unique - ITS PATENTED!


We have upgraded our popular Pro Bow models to make them easier to use!!!

We have also added 2 new models to make very large bows.

Professional  Bow Maker - Make A Bow Like A Pro Everytime!

The Pro Bow is a commercial grade product and nearly indestructible and will provide years of trouble free service. Included with your Pro Bow is the spool holder that is pictured on our site and in our videos. Additionally, both the Pro Bow unit and the spool holder have non skid pads included that provide a solid work platform.

Free instructional videos and written instructions on our website. Watch from any smart phone, computer or iPad. We make it easy. No more bad bows, dropped bows, ribbon tangled around your feet! So easy a child can do it!

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