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About Pro Bow

The development of Pro Bow The Hand epitomizes the old saying, “Necessity Is The Mother of Invention”. As a retail gift store owner, I had to make several bows a day for gifts and dozens every day at Christmas for trees, wreaths, door surrounds and mantles. The stress on my hands while measuring, folding, holding and completing the bows was excruciating. I knew there had to be a better way. I searched for a bow maker but none were substantial enough to hold up to the quantity of bows I had to make daily or produce the quality of bow needed. In a flash of vision, The Hand was brought to life. We offer two sizes of Pro Bow The Hand that addresses the huge range of bows that a person could want.

The Pro Bow is a commercial grade product and nearly indestructible and will provide years of trouble free service. Included with your Pro Bow is the spool holder that is pictured on our site and in our videos. Additionally, both the Pro Bow unit and the spool holder have non skid pads included that provide a solid work platform.  

The Large Pro Bow The Hand was designed for #40 ribbon. That size covers tree topper bows, large package bows, mantle and wreath bows, bows for mailboxes and many more. As an added bonus there is a small row for #9 ribbon further expanding the use of the Pro Bow.

The Small Pro Bow The Hand was designed for #9 ribbon. It allows you to make bows for small to medium sized gifts and many more.

Pro Bow even allows you to use multiple strands of ribbon to create beautiful multicolored bows with no strain. In fact, the more strands used the faster and easier it is to make Beautiful Bows, (see demo). Now even children can make bows like a pro every time!

Happy Bow Making!

Regina Sellers

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